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15% NAV total return in 2022

ANNUAL RESULTS FOR THE YEAR-ENDED 31 DECEMBER 2022 FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS Cahal Dowds, Chairman – “This is the first full year of the Company operating under its expanded investment policy. As…

Quarterly Commentary – Quarter 1 2021

Our view, expressed last quarter, is that asset markets are fully valued on almost all historic metrics unless one believes that interest rate suppression is now a permanently embedded feature of the global economy

Quarterly Commentary – Quarter 4 2020

At the beginning of 2020 we considered that asset markets were underpinned not by valuation but by the promise of fiscal and monetary policy support. This support stemmed partly from the forthcoming US presidential election in November 2020 and partly because of a gradual evolution since the global financial crisis (GFC) where the ‘authorities were underwriting asset values’

Quarterly Commentary – Quarter 3 2020

We remain highly sceptical on the sustainability of recent equity market moves and believe the correct approach is to remain with a defensively positioned portfolio ready to take advantage of future setbacks.

Quarterly Commentary – Quarter 2 2020

At the end of the previous quarter, we expressed the view that whilst we did not see markets as being ‘cheap’ there was the potential for significant rallies in share prices. Since then equity markets have moved substantially higher, rivalling historic bull market moves.