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Covid-19: Vaccines and a Path Out of the Pandemic

It is now more than a year since the novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, was identified in China and more than ten months since the World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. The virus has taken an enormous toll on the health of the world population with over 100m cases and a tragic 2.24m deaths reported. COVID has also created economic instability due to the lost productivity and lower consumption brought on by continued lockdown measures in many parts of the world.

All News is Good News, Even if it is Bad?

All News is Good News, Even if it is Bad? For a number of years we have witnessed asset markets in which there seems an unshakeable confidence in their continued upward movement. Whatever vicissitudes may unfold, the comfort blanket of government support has sustained the view that “the cavalry will always arrive”. The outbreak of […]

Semiconductors: A Changing of the Guard

Semiconductors: A Changing of the Guard “While an early chip from the 1970s could fit thousands of micrometre-sized transistors, today’s most advanced chips are a complex web of billions of transistors, the smallest of which are just 10nm. To get some idea of how small that is: your fingernails grew 10nm in the time it […]

Covid-19: The Road to a Vaccine

Introduction In April 2020 we shared a conversation with Professor Gerry Graham, Chair of Immunology at Glasgow University. This provided an insight into the scientific nature of the COVID-19 coronavirus in the context of pandemics, how the spread might evolve, and the potential government and scientific responses. With regards to treatment options, Professor Graham suggested […]

Investing and The Virus

Investing beyond the virus The viral pandemic came from nowhere and will eventually be contained; it also seems likely that an effective vaccine will be ready by the end of the year (please see: Covid-19 A Dialogue, Edinburgh Partners). Economic life will start to pick up before then and in the short-term equity markets have […]

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