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Investing and The Virus

Investing beyond the virus The viral pandemic came from nowhere and will eventually be contained; it also seems likely that an effective vaccine will be ready by the end of the year (please see: Covid-19 A Dialogue, Edinburgh Partners). Economic life will start to pick up before then and in the short-term equity markets have […]

Covid-19: What Can Science Tell Us and What Are the Implications?

For financial markets, understanding the medical response is a precondition to understanding how the virus and the economic impact will unfold. To help us through these steps we have spent time with Professor Gerry Graham who is one of our expert advisors in the area of biological sciences.

Europe: A New Car Can Be Any Colour, as Long as It’s Green

Policymakers worldwide are tackling climate change through regulation and taxation. Typically, these policies have imposed costs on the users of carbon. An alternative approach is possible and in Europe the regulators will impose significant costs on the producers of cars rather than on drivers.

The Health Care Sector – Capitalising on the Promise of Genetic Science

It has been over 60 years since James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the structure of DNA, the precious molecule that contains our genetic code, and a tremendous amount of progress has been made since then in our understanding of how our cells operate, communicate with each other, pass on traits to future generations, and even how they get sick.

Investing in the European Telecoms Sector

Telecoms are generally assumed to offer investors cash-flow stability and good dividends, which stand out as havens when markets are expensive or becoming more volatile. These shareholder priorities can, over the short term at least, oppose the ongoing need to invest in the future of the business.

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